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The Original Wiener Punschkrapfen - As unique as its recipe, its ingredients and its packaging

Punschkrapfen, Punschtorte, Punschschnitte (slices) - there are many creations with the typical pink punch glaze. But there is only one Original Wiener Punschkrapfen and its original recipe remains our well-kept secret.  

punschkrapfen-freiOur best-kept secret comes in a 4x4x4cm format

Savor its juicy filling of fluffy cake saturated with delicious marmalade and a touch of rum and Cointreau, enveloped in a thin layer of pink punch glaze. Every one of our 4x4x4cm Original Wiener Punschkrapfen is packed with great care in an attractive wooden box for shipping. When ordering, you have your choice of boxes containing either 4 or 6 cakes. Incidentally, only an Original Wiener Punschkrapfen features a chocolate "WP" on top.