Original Wiener Punschkrapfen

Original Wiener Punschkrapfen

A Famous Pastry - An Austrian Speciality


Vienna - the torte, cake and pastry capital of the world - has pampered gourmets with its delicious confections for centuries. Austria's Sachertorte, apple strudel and Gugelhupf are big favorites. But our baking tradition offers another, sinfully sweet insider's tip: the Original Wiener Punschkrapfen.

A Unique Gift from Vienna

Anyone who's ever tried Original Wiener Punschkrapfen instantly falls in love with this delicious specialty, which has a distinctive taste and the traditional punch cake design with pink frosting. With its characteristic chocolate "WP" on top, our Original Wiener Punschkrapfen is a dessert work of art in an attractive wooden box, which can now be ordered online. Surprise yourself, your friends or your business partners with this unique gift!


The Original Wiener Punschkrapfen - an Austrian classic in the Viennese baking tradition

The history of the Punschkrapfen goes back a long way. This Viennese specialty has been baked in Austrian households for hundreds of years. It remains a mystery who first invented this wonderful recipe. (Was it a K & K Hofzuckerbäcker or a sweet Viennese maiden? No one knows.)

From a Tradition to a Passion

The fact remains that the Austrian cuisine has always been famous for its splendid specialties and to this day the Original Wiener Punschkrapfen enjoys a cult status among its devoted fans. Indulge yourself with these classics from the Viennese baking tradition ...
Why not do so right now, online?

Original Wiener Punschkrapfen.

The original. Without preservative

As unique as its recipe, its ingredients and its packaging

Punschkrapfen, Punschtorte, Punschschnitte (slices) - there are many creations with the typical pink punch glaze. But there is only one Original Wiener Punschkrapfen and its original recipe remains our well-kept secret.

Our best-kept secret comes in a 4x4x4cm format

Savor its juicy filling of fluffy cake saturated with delicious marmalade and a touch of rum and Cointreau, enveloped in a thin layer of pink punch glaze. Every one of our 4x4x4cm Original Wiener Punschkrapfen is packed with great care in an attractive wooden box for shipping. When ordering, you have your choice of boxes containing either 4 or 6 cakes. Incidentally, only an Original Wiener Punschkrapfen features a chocolate "WP" on top.

Original Wiener Punschkrapfen - Every single one is hand-made

With its characteristic chocolate "WP" on top, every Original Wiener Punschkrapfen is a dessert work of art - in the truest sense of the word - because each Original Wiener Punschkrapfen is lovingly handcrafted by our pastry chefs according to our secret recipe.

And this sweet extravagance naturally contains no preservatives

Our Original Wiener Punschkrapfen are made with all natural ingredients, with no preservatives, flavor enhancers or artificial coloring. And that is why our Original Wiener Punschkrapfen naturally taste so good.

Helpful hint: it is best to store the Original Wiener Punschkrapfen at room temperature; they'll stay fresh for about 14 days.

Original Wiener Punschkrapferl - Also available without alcohol

Try our nonalcoholic Original Wiener Punschkrapfen as well (they're decorated with a white chocolate "WP" instead). Tender cake with strawberry jam, nuts and chocolate, also frosted with our traditional pink punch glaze. Your children will love these too. Naturally, our nonalcoholic Punschkrapfen are also made with no preservatives or artificial colors!

Johann Strauss in Vienna - ©Lisa S. -fotolia.com


Original Wiener Punschkrapfen


Original Wiener Punschkrapfen - Unique Gift


Original Wiener Punschkrapfen - An Austrian Speciality


Original Wiener Punschkrapfen - An Austrian Speciality
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